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A Baby For Loving! I was so excited to receive my copy of A Baby For Loving in the mail recently and it looks lovely! Written by Libby Hathorn and published by Little Hare, in the shops now!


Artwork for sale!
I have a shop! You can visit my shop here. I'm adding new products regularly and will also add other images for sale on my website for sale page here
Original illustrations from my books and illustrated ceramic spoons and bowls for sale.


Spoons and bowls
Its December already! I have been wanting to make little ceramic pieces for a long time. Loving making these little characters on spoons and faces in bowls that have little tiny ears.


Loving drawing chickens.


Bird studies for exhibition next weekend
Working on lots of drawings
Lovely books


How to make string diagram commission for the lovely Helle


Princess Madeleine. I was commissioned to Illustrate a book for a story written by Madeleine - hand stitched with original illustrations, hand-painted type & vintage book cover.
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Mural for the Modern Grocer, Murwillumbah
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I received my book, The Easter Bunny's Helpers in the mail today! see more here

Colour rough from the book One Sheep Two Sheep

Tidying up my studio today I found all my courtroom drawings from last year, so I scanned a few in here

My new book arrived in the mail today! Brigid Lucy (wants) Needs a Friend, Written by Leonie Norrington & published by Little Hare.


Shetland pony.

I've started a section on my website here that shows the process and developments for my book illustration - with ideas, working drawings, character and pattern developments.

Three of my books published in Korean!
Count My Kisses Little One, I Can Say Please & I Can Say Thank You.

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I received my latest book in the mail this week - Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg! This is the second book in the series, written by Pamela Freeman & published by Walker books and will be out in the shops soon. It looks really gorgeous. I'm just starting work on the third Princess Betony book now.

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Illustration I did for John for Valentines last year on an old page from a book I found in an op shop.
Perfect title page for a valentine illustration - and look at the authors name - isn't it divine!

Happy New Year!
New illustration to start the year. 'I seem to have Jungle growing out of my head - No wonder I can't think straight'
This is a reworked illustration from an idea I had years ago and finally I've got round to doing it.
I will be doing some prints of this and perhaps tea towels and I have a few other projects on the go, more soon.

Some painted rocks, a little oil study of my friends dog, Thelma Louise and one of Tilly, painted on old book covers.
I have discovered acrylic inks which I am loving experimenting with - for painting on rocks like this, and on wood and over watercolour wash for detail, I'm really enjoying some time to experiment and draw and develop my work at the moment. And I love painting the girls and all the things around me - when I can. I hope to do more of these through 2013. I absolutely love painting with oils, and will make more time for this. I use my little cigar box oil palette I made years ago and its still going, I made it when Olympia was little so I could get my oils out and away quickly.

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My latest book! Ruby Learns To Swim, written by Phillip Gwynne & published by Allen and Unwin. This was such a lovely project to work on, I will write a post on the illustration process of this book soon. It was so much fun developing the character, drawing a lot from life, collage, line, colour and capturing the water and movement. I enjoyed illustrating Ruby as she moves from slight apprehension at the start, gaining confidence through the book and building up to be a happy confident swimmer. My work is always evolving and I am learning new processes and techniques all the time. I loved creating this book and so lovely to finally hold the finished book.


We've moved! new studio space. LOVE

I was so excited to receive my advance copy of Princess Betony And The Unicorn in the mail this week - written by Pamela Freeman and published by Walker Books, will be in the shops soon! A little hard back book with a dust jacket and a ribbon and is just gorgeous. Its always so very exciting to see the finished book.

Just finished the artwork for the book Easter Bunny's Helpers, written by Anne Mangan and published by HarperCollins, due for release early next year, in time for Easter! And this is how my desk looks at the moment...

It's August already and I have been so busy, I have some books coming out very soon and will pop them on my website in the coming weeks, I can't wait to see them published! I love getting the book once its completed, nothing like holding the book for the first time. In the meantime I have also been working with some lovely local creatives, Christy and Alex who have started Creative Village see here Alex is doing some amazing work animating my drawings, so exciting!

I have been working on a number of books recently, I have just completed the artwork for Ruby Learns To Swim, written by Phillip Gwynne published by Allen & Unwin & due for release in October.
I have also been working on a series for Walker Books, Princess Betony and the Unicorn, written by Pamela Freeman, due for release later this year and this week starting on the second, Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg.

Doilies drawn from a collection found at op shops